Widest Selection of Siding for Every Price Point

Quality Siding

Your customers deserve quality products to protect their largest investment–their home. We’ll help you set yourself apart from other contractors by being the resource you can depend on. Seabreeze Siding & Window offers an exceptional array of siding in a wide range of materials and colors.

Siding offers a beautiful aesthetic that will make your customer’s home the envy of their neighbors. Seabreeze Siding & Window has over four decades of experience in offering complete solutions to contractors. We can help with every aspect of installing siding and windows, including all needed accessories. Browse our product catalog to find the perfect siding for your projects and give your customers that brand-new curb appeal they will love.

Fiber Cement Siding

One of the more durable siding products, fiber cement is a low-maintenance affordable and attractive option offering protection against damage from rot, warping, termites, fire or weather. Giving the appearance of painted wood, fiber cement is a great option for Craftsman, Colonial, Cape Cod and Ranch style houses among others. We offer fiber cement siding products from James Hardie, Allura and Boral. These manufactures produce fiber cement siding in a variety of designs, colors and primed options.

Fiber cement siding has exceptional benefits over other products, as this type of siding offers more protection in terms of fire ratings. Fiber cement siding resembles many types of wood siding styles and finishes. This siding has less maintenance requirements compared to houses constructed with wood or stucco exteriors.

James Hardie siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of siding used today. Vinyl siding offers ease of installation, is maintenance free, has energy-efficient insulated options, a wide range of color palettes, and a lifetime warranty.

New advances in vinyl siding include more realistic wood-grain patterns resulting in  a better finished project.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

An improvement on an already great product, insulated vinyl siding gives homeowners a product that helps to keep the house temperature regulated –  cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, decreasing overall energy costs, regardless of the season.

vinyl siding Alside

Composite Siding

Composite is one of the newest additions to siding product lines. Composite siding offers ease of installation, comes in primed and pre-finished colors and a lifetime warranty. This siding is available in multiple styles, shapes and finishes.

Composite Siding

Simulated Wood Finish Siding

 This type of siding can replicate stained wood that will never require re-staining. With 25-year warranties, no maintenance, and LEED certification these products can be used on residential or commercial applications. This is a cost effective price point for contractors, developers and architects allowing them to create a facade for any project.

Products are available in aluminum, vinyl, multiple sizes, and multiple colors. Each product has a full system made for ease of application.  


Cedar Renditions Wood Siding

Stone Veneers

The beauty of stone veneer siding but the ease of installation just like standard siding makes this a very cost effective product. Stone veneers can be used on exterior walls and interior applications.  No scratch coat or brown coat required.  Simply fasten to the wall.

Styles of stone include: Ledgestone, Tightcut, and Block with all required accessories.

Versetta Stone Stone Veneer

Wood Siding

Wood siding is available for replacement or repairs of existing siding.  Newer products offer a better solution for long term whole replacement.  Contact us for more information.

Truwood wood siding

What if I need help with how to install this siding?

We recommend you contact us at (714) 879-6252 for the most current application processes. We would be happy to meet with you at your office or job site.

What other items do I need for my siding install?

We offer all the additional products that you would need for installation. We carry housewraps, flashings, sealants, mounting blocks, and everything else including nails.

All of the siding products we sell are of the highest professional grade materials. Each manfuacturer’s warranty varies for what they cover the product against destruction or damage due to elements or other factors. Our team will discuss siding warranties with you when deciding which product is right for your application.